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This web site hopes to get you interested in the Video text book "Bad Auditions", which uses tapes of unsuccessful auditions as examples of what to expect and of what to be aware at movie and theatrical and vocal auditions.

Here you will find a sampling of "Bad Auditions", some with and some without audio commentary from the text book "Bad Auditions"

 The Director for most of the auditions is the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers member Norman Clark Stewart Jr. who has directed numerous plays and movies. He also narrates the video commentary in that "Video Text Book". 

Bad Auditions
is slated for publication next year This site is a pre-publication site and will be your update site for special offers, tour dates, auditions, practice auditions,etc.

.  Please feel free to comment on the site, the video book, the narration, whatever.  Thanks for your interest.
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